Björn Edlund

PR  Pioneer

Business in Society

The purpose of Edlund Consulting is to help business leaders and their communicators ensure that their organizations play a positive role in society.

The consultancy supports global corporations in their efforts to make a constructive difference, on the basis of a sound understanding of stakeholder concerns.

Communications Professional

Björn Edlund is the former Executive Vice President, Communications at Royal Dutch Shell.  He has supported 11 CEOs as head of communications for Shell, Sandoz AG and ABB Ltd. He created Edlund Consulting between two corporate jobs in the mid-90s, and started up the firm again after retiring from Shell in 2010. From 2011-2014, Björn also served as non-executive chairman, Europe, & CIS at Edelman.

“Amongst those who have reached the absolute pinnacle of the public relations profession”


Sound reputation management starts by objectively assessing a challenge, defining both its societal context and its cultural drivers, examining sector and company relevance, and analyzing key stakeholder groupings, in order to build a focused strategic plan and drive its implementation.

Edlund Consulting supports chief communications officers and other C Suite executives with such strategic communications analysis, advice and support.

Edlund draws from his cross-cultural and sociopolitical experience gained in more than 20 years in business as head of communications in three global multinationals, as well as from his 12 years as reporter, bureau chief and news editor with United Press International and Reuters in Europe and Latin America.

The most valuable contribution a client can expect is first and foremost help with thinking things through. Everything else flows from there.

The consultancy’s focus lies on deep dives into culture, purpose and reputation challenges – and how these areas interact.

Is there something in the DNA of a company – as expressed by its behaviors – that might cause stakeholders to interfere, oppose or object? Is it a wider sectoral problem? What has caused a possible disconnect – reality or perceptions, lack of knowledge or lacking engagement on the part of the organization?

Edlund Consulting helps with research-based diagnostics, based on stakeholder insights and issues mapping. Such analysis is generally followed by positioning – the basics of a new narrative. What is your hill, and how does it compare to your competitors? What is the view from where you are? And how do you stand out?

Once insights and positioning are in place, with a new narrative in the works, program planning ensues, including values-centred corporate profiling and leadership mentoring.

At the core of any successful positioning lies clarity on purpose – the answer to why an organization exists, what needs it fulfils. And while you can’t “communicate your way out of a situation you’ve behaved your way into”, corporations must shape and nurture their own narratives.

Through story-telling, Björn Edlund has helped accomplish reputational recoveries, through crises and corporate “re-sets”, alongside both positive developments and issues-laden constraints. Whatever the starting point, story-telling is key. And behavior – because how you are is who you are.

Concretely, Edlund Consulting’s services include assessment and scoping, strategy development, project planning and implementation, as well as counseling and coaching – and hands-on support.

How Edlund Consulting works


Björn Edlund brings experience from 20 years at the top of the PR profession as head of corporate communications in three leading multinationals.

Always personally involved in the consultancy’s projects, Edlund can mobilize support from his collegial network of individual practitioners.

His collegial network includes:

  • Strategic communications projects – The Tantalus Group, with Wylie Rogers
  • Stakeholder modelling and channel management – Tessera Consulting with Tony Dyson and Kevin Money

The Network


“You can’t hug a company but you can embrace its values”
Björn Edlund


Björn Edlund is widely recognized as a path-breaking pioneer in the public relations area.

Björn Edlund is Arthur W. Page Society Hall of Fame Inductee

Björn Edlund was selected as the 2015 inductee to the Arthur W. Page Society’s Hall of Fame, the Society’s highest honor.

Björn Edlund wins Alexander Hamilton Medal

Björn Edlund was awarded the Institute for Public Relations’ Alexander Hamilton Medal for contributions to public relations practice and effective use of research, at the Annual Distinguished Lecture & Awards Dinner in New York City, November 21, 2013.

2009 SABRE EMEA Award

Björn Edlund was the first individual winner of the prestigious SABRE Award in EMEA, the premier showcase for the very best in Public Relations. “The SABRE awards are designed to recognize those who have reached the absolute pinnacle of the public relations profession, demonstrating peerless counseling and management capabilities over a lifetime.”